Clove + Nutmeg

This newly founded small business consists of the young couple Ernesto and Nayana. 

Their new adventure together just started. 
They had been busy for a while designing and developing small-scale craft products such as paper lamps, ceramics, furniture and design plaster. But with the fall of the company Ernesto used to work, they could focus completely on bundling all their qualities. 

That led to the idea of putting it under one hat, and Clove + Nutmeg was born.


Ernesto and Nayana create from a sustainable point of view, with their hands, so that the designs are really their own. Every product is slightly different, and that is precisely the charm of handicrafts.


Nayana has completed art school as a teacher of the arts and Ernesto is an accomplished carpenter and plasterer. However, it did not end with one discipline. In addition to this basis, they are both self-taught. 
They have learned and internalized even more things. Remaining curious, developing their selves and each other.


They just have a great inner drive to create. 

Aesthetics, simplicity and nature are a common thread in everything they do.


I am very proud and happy to have connected with them both, and will soon have their beautiful lamps in store. 
All of the lamps are handmade from recycled ecological paper clay.