To me there is just something so special about handmade work.
Apart from the fact I find myself turning more and more towards a slower and gentler way of living for some time now, I have an ever-growing appreciation for the handmade process itself.

I remember vividly how my grandmother would make me clothes when I was young. 
When I would see a coat or a dress I really admired, but my mother could or would not buy from a shop, I'd turn to my ‘omi’ and ask her if she could make me one exactly like it. 
I suppose I didn’t completely understand how gifted and miraculous she was at the time. 
She could make me anything I asked for, and she did, time and time again.
Even though I sometimes felt a little disappointed my mother wouldn’t buy me that expensive piece from that specific brand, I always felt a little extra special at the same time. 
Having a dress my grandmother made for me, in such a lovingly and talented way, made me feel unique. Of course I didn’t completely see the whole handmade experience back then, and the effort she put in her makings. For me it was normal, because I was surrounded by her talent all the time. 

How different things are now.

I come from a generation where studying was highly appreciated. I've invested many years studying and getting a history master, which I don’t regret. 

But I do sometimes wish I would have spent more hours of learning to use my hands too. 
I don’t experience anything being so wholesome as creating something with my own hands. 
It even became a life lesson to me. 
It’s not only about the outcome of things; the process itself is beautiful and sometimes of more value. 
Working in a slow and tender way gave me the space to turn inwards, and listen to my heart.

 I am happily learning to use my hands more. 
Often thinking about my grandmother when doing so, 
and I hope she can feel my appreciation and love for who she was.

This little shop I am starting is basically an ode to my grandmother, as well as to my grandfather and my parents, who were all retailers back in their time, running their small shops with a dedication I really admire. 
And with them to all the talented makers throughout the world. 
Often hardworking mothers, running families just like me, happily sharing their gift with their loved ones and the ones who are willing to see. 
I am thankful to have connected with all of them, and to share this journey here with you.

I feel all together we can make a difference. 
Let’s appreciate the slow process, the wondrous beauty of handmade items, the endless quiet hours of effort put into makings and the uniqueness of each and every product. 
When you see the products you will find they all have something in common: 
the heart and soul of the makers is in them. 
That’s why they are all just a tad bit magical. 

With love,