The Weavery

Photo: Frincus & co

Proud to present the beautiful people behind The Weavery shop: Driss and Bettina. 
Driss was born in El Ksiba, a small town at the foot of the Middle-Atlas mountains. 
Bettina is originally from Germany. 
They both made a career in advertising in the Netherlands, which is where they met and fell in love.
In 2013, Bettina left the busy advertising world to open a charming bed and breakfast in the centre of Amsterdam. 
For furnishing they went back to Marrakech,  to source authentic items.
Through their many travels to Morocco, they were both naturally drawn to Moroccan artefacts. 
It was in Driss’s birth village that they found the most beautiful pieces of craftmanship; handmade carpets by traditional weavers. They stayed around for a while, and a personal relationship with the artisan weavers started to establish. 
Finding carpets for their own B&B was one thing, but they wanted to do more.

The desire to keep the ancient practices alive and secure a livelihood for the impoverished women of Driss’s village, grew on them. For centuries, the amazing women of the Atlas Mountains have woven luxurious carpets, passing the skill down from mother to daughter. Each carpet is a labour of love, requiring artistry, patience and precision, and taking at least a month to complete. Once finished, the cherished carpet was often considered part of the family or exchanged as a precious gift. But factory production the use of synthetic materials is endangering this tradition, and the rugs and their talented weavers are becoming scarcer. 
 The Weavery shop was born out of the desire to keep these layers of meaning and history alive. 
Supporting them by paying an honest wage and honouring the traditional way of weaving is a very beautiful goal and it's helping to give this meaningful craft a future. 

The Weavery specialises in carpets made from pure wool, dyed using mostly natural ingredients. 

Photo's: Christopher Pugmire