As long as I can remember I have loved bringing bits and pieces of nature in our home. 
Often just simple finds from our walks. The kinds the different seasons give us. 
Throughout the years living with the seasons has become a way of life for us as a family.
For me, the excitement children feel when finding treasures in nature, is one of the most beautiful things to witness and something I hope they will keep forever. 
Blomsterkrans wreaths give me the same kind of excitement, they are a real treat. 
A handmade wreath, as a representation of the seasons, can be a charming addition to the home. 
A unique way of welcoming the seasons. 
I find all the stages the wreath goes trough equally beautiful and interesting; when they arrive freshly, when the branches start to dry and when they are completely dried. 
Also, you can keep the base and transform and redecorate the wreath yourself when you feel ready. 
I find playing around with seasonal accessories so much fun.
And more importantly, it’s a very sustainable way of decorating. 

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