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From the moment I saw these special cone shaped bags by Handwoven by Uri, I have been completely in love. The shape, the way they are woven and the beautiful handles...
I'm delighted to have them in my shop now!

Charly runs her business from both London, and the Philippines, where the bags are woven.


Outer; 100% first grade natural coloured Abaca 

Inner lining; 100% 14 oz hemp canvas 

Handles; 1st grade vegetable tanned Belgium leather, locally made in the UK. 



Medium: W17.5 x L34.5 
Large: W22x L42



Natural un-dyed first grade abaca 

The story behind
At Uri their work is made possible by a team of strong women, and they like to honour the part they play in the brand by dedicating a design to them. 

Christin Yu is an emblem of intercultural design, and her work on East Asian design histories around textile and fashion has helped to reshape the lens around colonial and postcolonial design. 
From their sensitivity around native making and styles to zero-waste cutting techniques that maximise resources and minimise waste, they  have led by her example. 
The handwoven cone-shaped 'Yu' bag is an ode to Christin.