sara gardigan

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From farmer to garment 

So special: this cardigan is made of a special worsted wool yarn exclusively made for Floca by Martí and his team in his family-run spinning mill in Barcelona. They selected high quality Spanish wool from merino sheeps that graze in the meadows most of their life and practice the transhumance every year from lower lands to the mountains and back. 

Sheeps are treated with care by our traditional shepherds. They are respectfully sheared and not harmed at any time of the process. This wool is sturdy, structured, it has a classic wool touch that softens incredibly with time and use. Its extraordinary quality and resistance make these Flocas a precious garment you will enjoy FOREVER 

Mèlange yarns 

The mèlange yarns are custom-made for Floca. Toni and Francesc are the team in charge of one of the most long-standing dyeing workshops in Spain. Together with them they decide the mixture of colors to get to the perfect hue before spinning. 

The mèlange colors are exclusive from Floca, you will not find them anywhere else! 

One size 

Knitted in a subtle lace stitch with a v neck and side pockets, this is a timeless and roomy piece to keep you warm through seasons. A very easy and wearable style I specially love. 

Carefully knitted in our family workshop in Spain. 

Hand wash in cold water with soap for delicates. Lay flat to dry. 


Total length (from top shoulder seam to bottom) 63cm / 24.8" 

Width at chest 65cm /25.6" 

Sleeve length (from neckline to tip of sleeve) 69,5cm / 27.3"