olea pants yellow mustard

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A super special pants to play with by Fitolojio workshop:
OLEA salopette Pants made of a vintage throw.

OLEA - Yellow mustard light vintage throw pant. It features repetitive non smooth faint patterns with abstract motifs. We love it for this aristocratic feeling that those motifs give to the final design!!🫶

It’s perfect for Autumn and warm Winter season!! 

A signature new design, OLEA pants reflect the designer's upcycled approach to keep and highlight all the details from the used materials.

The design consist of “box” pleats all around the waistline, giving an extra interest to the silhouette of a garment. The double stiches make it more beautiful and durable.
Made from a vintage throw / tablecloth 70’s - 80’s sourced from Paris, as seen on the photo.

It has an ultra-high paperbag waist with 8 stand-alone "box" pleats along with side pockets, wide slight tapered legs and detachable straps.

It features two hidden sides pockets and one patch pocket at the back.

Pants are loose and will fit quite a range of sizes, thanks to straps that can keep the pant as its not a fitted waist pant. It features a button fly front closure with 4 same fabric buttons .
The straps are detachable and are matched with beautiful 4 patches pieces around the waist line. 
Detachable straps also have button closure with the same fabric buttons to play with length of its..

Check the measurements below: But our recommendation is to go with this size if your waist is between 69 cm to 74 cm.

The closer your waist is to the finished waist, the tighter the pants will be. A way that you can wear it without the straps! 

Why it’s perfect for you:
* One of a kind - Your playful pant exists once & it will be totally unique to you-
 * “She keeps every details from the vintage material and transfer them to the up cycled design, such as the finishing, embroidery patterns, lace and trims.
* Upcycled from a beautiful preloved vintage tablecloth
* Super cozy and unique
* Handcrafted in Amsterdam
* You will be protecting mother nature by not using any new resources
* S fit   
* It can fit XS to S sizes - depending on how you like things to fit.

* Dry Cleaning or Handwashing max 30° C, iron with protection (low temperature)
* 10 - 12 + hours work (including looking for it, washing, mending, ironing, cutting, sewing, buttons apply both sides, shooting, ….)

Model wears a size S with waist 74 cm.
Please refer to the measurements listed below:

All measurements are taken flat in cm:

36,5 cm waist (side to side) and total finished waist 73cm /
59cm hip (side to side), total 118 cm/
97 cm waist to hemline (max length) /
Inseam 66 cm /
Front Rise 36 cm /
Back Rise 39 cm /
Straps total length 73cm