Irene cardigan natural

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Such a beuatiful and honest product by Floca from Spain: 100% Spanish undyed eco washed wool 

This version of Irene Cardi is made with natural undyed wool from Spanish happy sheeps. It has been eco-washed with less water and avoiding chemicals. To make this special mèlange color, they have mixed brown and white wool. This yarn is different from the one in other Floca pieces because it is a carded yarn, and it has been made in Barcelona by Pilar and Toni in their small mill, which has been the family business for years. 

The sheeps this wool comes from live most of their life out in the meadows and fields grazing freely. They are treated with care by  traditional shepherds and respectfully sheared without causing any harm at any time of the process. This wool is sturdy, super resistant and it softens incredibly with time and use. Its extraordinary quality and resistance make these Flocas a precious garment you will enjoy forever and pass on to your kids! 

One size 

Feel the real connection with nature. So warm and comforting, wear it layered over a turtleneck on a cold winter day or over a dress or tshirt in Spring.... So versatile and combinable. 

Hand wash in cold water with soap for delicates. Lay flat to dry. 


Total length (from top shoulder seam to bottom) 50cm/19´6in 

Width at chest 58cm/22´8in 

Sleeve length (from neckline to tip of sleeve) 59cm/23´2in