waxed linen roll-top bag

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I am so very excited to stock the beautiful linen roll-top bags from WAX atelier! 
Useful and so pretty at the same time,  the plant dyed waxed bags were on my wishlist for a long time yet.
They can be used endlessly, which makes them the ultimate sustainable choice. 

Hand-dyed with flower heads and roots, the waxed linen bags are multi-functional and ideal for use as lunch bags or to store bread, grains, root vegetables and much more. They are water-proof and breathable.

± 29 H x 28 W x 8 D (cm)

Materials: French linen, beeswax, natural dyes

WAX atelier dyes with their own cloth in small batches in-house, and therefore each bag will vary slightly in shade and tone. We all believe this is a feature and not a flaw of hand-crafted objects.

Care Instruction

Turn the bag it inside out. 
Using warm water, no detergent, clean the inside first, with a damp cloth. Clean well the corners and the possible stains. 
Leave it to dry, then, turn inside out, do the same with the outside surface.

Then, to refresh you can either put your bag in the oven, flat, on parchment paper or gently iron between parchment paper.

Once in a while the cloth needs to be recoated with some additional wax.