pot holder

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Something I have been talking about with Marta from Lemuel MC Londen for quite some time is, how we could make something useful out of leftovers. We came up with some deliciously large pot holders for you, completely made out of linen (even the lining!!)

About This POT Holder

There is something about waste that we at Lemuel MC just can't handle, and our POT holders are made from leftover cuttings from our clothes orders and even smallest of the cuttings and threads are kept and we made them useful again by stuffing our POT Holders with it, making our POT holders completely zero waste and 100% linen inside and out. 

POT Holder Features:

  • One of the kind as placement of our offcuts are always different
  • Stuffed with smallest linen offcuts
  • Comprises: 100% ethical linen


  • Measures 50cmby 50cm to make a statement in any kitchen

Product Care

  • Cool wash at 30 degrees, do not dry clean or bleach