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This shampoo bar with conditioner gives you a lot of reasons to be happy when you wash your hair! It is a perfect plastic-free alternative to liquid shampoos and conditioners in plastic bottles. 
The shampoo bar does not contain palm oil, sulfates, silicones, or preservatives. 
In stead it contains carefully selected ingredients that are not only as sustainable as possible, but also gentle on your hair. The bar is a mild cleanser and makes your hair soft and easy to comb. You no longer need a separate conditioner!

I absolutely love it for being a beautiful piece of art inspired by the forest: freshly scented with essential oils of cypress, cedarwood, Siberian fir, pine, and eucalyptus, and colored and marbled with nettle powder and activated carbon powder. 
The beautiful box was designed by Hanneke Kamphuis and made from Vibers paper based on elephant grass. In the Netherlands, this is planted on fallow land, for example on industrial estates. It grows quickly, also on marginal soils, stores a lot of CO2 (30 tons per hectare per year) and contributes to a healthier soil. With this box, the shampoo bar is responsibly packaged and it really makes a unique gift!