natural soap by tautanz

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Absolutely beyond excited to stock the beautiful products of Isabel and her brand Tautanz. 
From the moment we connected (she won my latest give-away!) I felt we shared values. In search of living a conscious life, she created elegant, eco-friendly goods that ensure luxury comfort while supporting the well-being of your body and the environment. All of their products are handmade by experienced artisans in Portugal, only using natural ingredients and enduring materials to reconnect with nature and our inherent self. 

I also love their simple and ‘plastic-free’ approach of their packaging. Made of biodegradable materials, such as recycled paper or linen, their goods are delivered in an eco-friendly way. 

Right now I have three diffent soaps in stock:

-Rosemary&Clay: a body scrub.
This exfoliating soap gently renews and moisturises the skin. Natural clay granules mildly remove dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oils while rosemary essential oil has a hydrating and toning effect.

- 100% Olive oil soap bar: a  face and body wash.

This extra mild and delicate soap is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Made of pure Portuguese olive oil, it gently cleanses and deeply moisturises the skin.

-Wineleaf shampoo bar: a shampoo.
This mild shampoo deeply hydrates the scalp and hair with the natural properties of wine and leaves a beautiful shine.
Applied directly to wet hair it lathers in lush bubbles and releases subtle patchouli aromas.