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A real special collection of Kusala soaps is here! 
They will make the loveliest gift, and all have their special qualities.

Nettle with dandelion: This soap is inspired by the beautiful herbs that we often call weeds, but which still contain very valuable properties. Dandelion is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and nettle has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Echinacea with yoghurt: This soap is so gentle on the skin! The liquid base is a combination of strong tea from dried echinacea plants and full-fat yogurt. Echinacea, also known as coneflower, strengthens the immune system and helps reduce inflammation. Yogurt has a degreasing and antibacterial effect and brings moisture into the skin.The soap is also enriched with heather honey, a thick dark honey with an even stronger antibacterial effect than regular flower honey.

Marigold with goat's milk: Especially made for sensitive skin. Marigolds are widely used for soothing and healing the skin. Furthermore, this soap is made with goat's milk. Just like coconut milk, goat milk contains many fats that provide a creamy, moisturizing and nourishing foam, but goat milk has an even deeper nourishing effect thanks to the many vitamins and minerals.

Camomile scrub with honey: The chamomile scrub soap is made with very strong chamomile tea. Chamomile soothes the skin, while honey has an antibacterial effect, contains antioxidants, and attracts and retains moisture. A modest addition of poppy seeds provides a massaging scrub that stimulates circulation. The delicious sweet-fresh scent of this soap comes from benzoin resin and litsea, lavender, and lemon essential oils.

Rice curry with cumin: This soap is inspired by a delicious Indian rice curry: made with rice milk and the best spicy essential oils for a special experience. Rice milk has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect and contains many antioxidants.
The blend of essential oils is made up of cumin, combined with cardamom, curry leaf, palmarosa, coriander, and sweet fennel. A lovely sweet warming scent.

Tomato soup with thyme: Have you ever heard of a soap like this?! I did not but I tried and it's very good! Kusala soaps came up with this new exciting soap this season. Tomatoes contain many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and have a protective and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. The lather is rich, thick, and nourishing. Red clay has been added, which also has a cleansing effect. The fragrance is composed of thyme, rosemary, celery, basil, and bergamot essential oils.