camomile scrub soap


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This Chamomile scrub soap is made with very strong chamomile tea. 
Chamomile, like the marigold, can soothe the skin, while the honey in this soap has antibacterial action, contains antioxidants, and attracts and retains moisture. A modest addition of poppy seeds provides a not too intensive scrub. The scent of this soap comes from benzoin resin and litsea, lavender, and lemon essential oils, with an emphasis on lemon for a refreshing effect.

This soap by Kusala is made with the hot-process method. This means that the soap is gently boiled to aid the saponification process. After this process is completed and the soap has cooled, the essential oils are added. This is to prevent the citrus essential oils from evaporating faster due to the saponification process - they are more sensitive to this than the other essential oils. As a result, the soap also has a slightly different structure, is harder and shinier. The hot-process method is not inherently better or worse, but the choice depends on the properties of the ingredients and the preferences of soap makers and users.