baobab oil

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The perfect solution by brand new 1komma8 skinfood from Berlin; for dry and irritated skin.
Mono Baobab Oil intensively nourishes and binds moisture for lasting soft, supple and smooth skin. Our MONO BAOBAB OIL can also be wonderfully mixed with the popular face cream serum.

The skin oil additionally protects the skin from dehydration and harmful environmental influences and wraps it up like a cocoon. At the same time, MONO BAOBAB OIL is absorbed quickly and leaves no unsightly shine, but a natural, silky glow.

It is also ideal for treating barrier-disrupted skin (rosacea, dermatitis, neurodermatitis), dry hair ends or itchy scalp. The high content of antioxidants in the facial oil promotes the collagen production of your skin and thus reduces the visible signs of aging. The active oil improves skin tightening, relieves signs of fatigue around the eyes and reduces wrinkles. Bags under the eyes and a clearly pronounced nasolabial fold can be reduced. 

The baobab oil is therefore not only applicable as anti-aging prevention, but it is also a real anti-aging miracle cure for mature skin.