baobab & hibiscus powder face mask

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So happy to stock this new skincare brand from Berlin!. 

For a rosy fresh skin: Applied as a mask or stirred into your smoothie, hibiscus extracts are the natural weapon against age-related skin symptoms: They have the ability to inhibit enzymes responsible for the breakdown of important collagen in your skin. This increases the cell division rate and makes your skin look rosier (like the color of the Superfood Glow Treatment). The high content of vitamin C in Hibiscus & Baobab stimulates new collagen formation. Vitamin C is the beauty vitamin par excellence for the skin and is found in high doses in the hibiscus plant and baobab fruit. Vitamin C brings your skin glow and reduces signs of aging. It can lighten hyperpigmentation and age spotsand make the complexion appear more even. It can also mitigate damage from UV radiation as well as environmental stress. Vitamin C in combination with the acids of the hibiscus plant also have a gentle exfoliating effect when used as a face mask. The two partners in the double pack also contain many positive secondary plant substances such as anthocyanins and  phytosterols,  which boost your cell metabolism and plenty of minerals (zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese) which are important for the moisture balance of your skin. A true superfood for your skin, used internally and externally, regardless of skin type. Even sensitive skin, or rosacea skin can use our Glow Treatment, which nromalerweise no Peelings verträt, since it anti-inflammatory  & anti.allergenic acts.