pale XS & nomade tie and dye

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Loving the new tie dye colourways of the XS lamps by Georgesstore so much. Washed sienna is the pink one, nude hombre a gentle beige/ old pink.

The size is very lovely: approx 40cm in diameter. Circled in raw brass, the 11 petals of the XS unfold horizontally. The precious XS is perfect in a hallway or above a bar in trio. 
Its light is diffused and its look changes according to the shape chosen for the bulb. 
So many options to play!

Please note there are two options:

  • Pale XS:: a pendant light for the ceiling.
  • Nomade: a portable lamp. Inspired by both a flower and retro ceiling fans. It can be hung next to a sofa as a nightlight, installed as a duo around a headboard, a mirror or a door, or even played with in accumulation. Its 11 petals play subtly with the light, diffusing a soft brightness in the room and the play of shadows on the ceiling. If you wish to fix it to the wall, you can use the  brass bracket, that I have in stock too.. Reach out for that.

Details: Lampholder E14 (75 watts maximum), golden braided cable of 2,5m, transparent switch placed at 1m from the socket. Bulb not included.

The suspension Pale nomade is manufactured in the castle of Méritein, the manufacture in bearn (South West of France). Each petal is entirely handmade from a rattan rod on which is stretched a cotton butter cloth hand painted with a mixture of natural pigments. All the elements of the Pale suspension are sourced in France.