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I am so excited to finally share a very personal project to with you: my christmas collaboration with Dantesceramics!

Feeling honoured to work with such a talented maker like Issy. We have been talking about this in her studio in Wivenhoe, and exchanging candles for plates next time in London. 
Seeing this come together now in my shop is basically a dream come true. 

You can choose a stunningly beautiful ceramic holder by dear Issy in green or white, to go with one of my candles. 

It could make a special Christmas gift, or you can of course just enjoy it yourself:)

Please note I didn't set de candle colors yet.
If you order you can just email me about the combination of your preference. I might still have to make the candle of your choice, but I will make sure you will get the set in time for Christmas.

Candle options for the moment being,
shades of:

Just let me know which one you prefer.
Thank you!

Ps they combine very lovely with the artwork Hiyoko Imai has made of my candles. Find those in the artwork section.