Melidia wrap skirt one size

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Super happy to be working with the talented Katerina/ Fitolojio workshop again!

This skirt is such a clever design: a one of a kind wrap skirt made from the most special and beautiful mixed tablecloths. 
Made from carefully selected vintage and antique tablecloths, the skirt tells its own unique story. 
Designed to celebrate the beauty of timeless craftsmanship, the skirt is more than just a garment. 

It’s a wearable pieces of nostalgia, crafted using only preloved materials (with the exception of new elastic).

The Story Behind the garments by designer Kat:

While browsing Etsy, I spotted a blue tablecloth with white embroidered flowers sold by Anne Marie from a small village outside s-Hertogenbosch. The intricate floral patterns and delicate hand-stitched details immediately caught my eye, so I decided to buy it. Anne Marie told me about the history of the tablecloth and the many family gatherings it had seen, despite a few stains. When I received it, she also included a heartfelt letter. This beautiful story inspired me to give it new life, to transform it into something wearable and timeless. The stains tell their own stories of gatherings, dinners with friends, and celebrations.

Back in our studio, I was captivated by the beautiful flowers and black “ X “stiches embedded in the fabric. I envisioned a one-of-a-kind skirt that would blend the vintage charm of the tablecloth with modern elegance. I wanted to create a design that fits more body types, so I decided on a one-size wrap skirt, letting the raw textiles determine the sizes. After several days of careful planning, I decided to incorporate pleats—a detail I love to work with, as seen in our Olea salopette pants. Pleats add a touch of sophistication and enhance the fabric's natural drape.

However, the tablecloth alone wasn’t enough for the pleats. Fortunately, I found a beautiful white cotton tablecloth from my collection, likely found in Paris in 2022 during my pop-up in Le Marais. With its faint floral designs, the magic happened.

I named this skirt version Melidia, as both my daughters, Melina and Lydia, approved the design and even asked for some for themselves! :)

The result is a stunning wrap skirt that features:

The Final Design

Our Melidia wrap design features two sets of ties that adjust to fit a range of body types from S to Large, ensuring ease in size selection and providing a comfortable, flattering fit for all. One set of ties, approximately 1.40 meters in length, wraps around your waist to secure the garment in place. The other set of ties which come around the hip area, each approximately 38-40 centimeters long, adds versatility and allows for further customization.

Additionally, the waist and is elasticated on the back side only, enhancing both comfort and flexibility.

The front half (white tablecloth) the skirt is adorned with meticulously crafted pleats (5 big pleats), giving a chic and draping effect that enhances the overall elegance of the piece. These pleats add a sophisticated touch, creating a beautiful, flowing silhouette. Dual front darts on the other part for a flattering shape. The skirt is thoughtfully designed to highlight the unique details of the original tablecloth, preserving its beauty and charm. The wrap style not only offers adjustable comfort but also adds a touch of effortless elegance to your wardrobe. Perfect for pairing with your favorite tops and shirts for a chic and stylish summery/ springy look.

*Ties made from the same tablecloth.

Why it’s perfect for you:
Unique touch: your skirt is truly one of a kind, crafted exclusively for you.
Detailed craftsmanship: Every element from vintage linens is carefully preserved and incorporated into the upcycled design, including trims , or embroidered details.
Vintage Transformation: Upcycled from two exquisite pieces.
Artisanal Creation: Meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Amsterdam.
Ethical Sourcing: Textiles are responsibly sourced* in EU (NL, FR, SP, IT, GR) and transformed within the Netherlands. (* Most of them is handpicked by the owner)

Versatile Sizing: One size, it accommodates S to L (small XLarge)sizes, depending on your preferred fit.

Maintenance: Dry Cleaning or Machine program in a delicate program or Handwashing max 40° C, iron with protection (low temperature)

Most beautiful in emotion, design, quality.

So much to love! 

For questions feel free to reach out.