piloti side table

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This is my absolute dream side table; the elegance of the piloti side table is unparalleled. 
The little stoold designed by the Turkish talent Zehra for her brand Maitoinen is inspired by architectural terminology.
noun. a column of iron, steel, or reinforced concrete supporting a building above an open ground level.

With its three legs, constructs a new visual relationship with the beholder. 

It is lightened while conventional side tables have four legs, it brings radial equality resisting to gravity forces. Between its three legs, Piloti lets an aesthetically wider view of your floor. 

Euclidean geometry -little sphere- is selected for the turned wood leg in order to bring an appealing look to the lower part of the side table. 

Dark walnut polishing over traditional Turkish pine wood is a flat look for the users and avoids the furniture during dense harm and scoring.

Assembling a pilot is facile with its fine details and its package diminishes the size of the used cardboard and carbon footprint as well.

Approx 38.5 cm high.