checkered rug

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Delivery Time 1 - 7 Business days

This gorgeous and very large checkered rug is made to order;  it will probably take about 2,5/ 3 months to be ready for you. It's beautifully made from 100 % wool. The brown lines are the natural sheeps color, which is my absolute favourte. 
It's pre-washed with a special traditional labor intensive technic, which gives it a lovely softness and very fluffy feel. 

Due to the handmade character of the rugs by The Weavery, the shape and pattern will always be slightly imperfect. This is the characteristic of Maroccan rugs and adds to their originality and charm. In case of this specific rug, the one you order will be a little thicker than the one shown here. 

Size: 300/ 200 cm.

If you would like to order this rug or get more information, you can reach me at [email protected]. It's best to check on shipping before ordering, since the automatically charged shipping when you check out probably won't be accurate.