soft pebbles

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Finally they are here: the feasty 'soft pebbles' by Laura from 'de haakzolder'!

Her clever hands crocheted these colorfol stones that can be used in all sorts of ways. 
Of course they are very nice on their own, but they make a lovely addition on a seasonal table too.
It gets really interesting when using more and play around with them,  place them on top of each other for instance and find a composition that pleases your eye. They do make a lovely stack!
What I personally really love is filling them with the most beautiful dried flowers and finds from a day out in nature. 
Like a real treasure holder. 
Another festive idea coud be to place them on a birthday table or to create a striking Christmas table. 

The simplicity, her use of color and softness radiate strength. I absolutely love them!

For now they are  available in 2 variants:
Cotton with a shine
Cotton mat
(Nice to use those together, subtle and gives debt.)

Filled with fiberfill which Laura usually gets from old/ used pillows to prevent throwing it away, or other residual material., it makes it a durable products as well.
They weigh 10 g to 12 g. 

The top (visible side) is where there is a clear circle.
You can carefully prick a dried flower branch in it.
You can also prick more flowers in a little spread over the stone, but make sure that it does not become too heavy.

If you like stacking them, the use of a single stem or skewer that goes through the middle circle of the 2 or 3 stones can help to balance them.