diy garlands

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The diy garlands by the wandering workshop are apart from very beautifully made, another piece in their collection that brings us together as a family. Doing little craft projects and create together are just giving us a very intimite time as a family. 
That's what I love most about this new product. It's so thoughtfuly made. 
That is also the reason I placed it in the category create, we are creating garlands together with our little ones, but we are also creating some real special, cosy time together. 

Two different kinds available. The autum and the sky garland.

Arrange the elements as you wish and decorate your space with your own creation.



cm: 135 Length * 0.4 Thickness
inches: 53 Length * 0.2 Thickness

Hand-cut, hand-painted and sanded satin smooth to offer soft surfaces for little hands.