Carla blouse stripes

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I am truly so happy to be working with the Barcelona based brand Autre Aura again. 

This beautiful and playful blouse in a rich red and orange is one to love all Spring and Summer. Very easy to wear, combine and layer.

It’s artisanally hand block printed in India by family owned ateliers in Jaipur with the help of magnificent artisans.

The philosophy of Autre Aura is one close to my heart.
Autre Aura is born from the belief that things can be made autrement, differently. It is an ode to playfulness and to all of those who play. 
I love how they experiment with textiles and their possibilities by mixing and matching prints and patterns, exploring traditions and techniques in an homage to our past and its heritage.

Their aim is to create timeless, unique and meaningful pieces. 
The collection intends to be a contemporary approach to India's wonderful expertise and heritage.

The state of Rajasthan is known for being the center and birthplace of block printing, considered the oldest fabric printing technique and whose earliest surviving examples date back to the third century B.C. In this process, designs are engraved in wooden blocks and later transferred to the fabric by pressing the block manually with ink. Block printing is a slow process done by hand, which emphasizes the beauty of imperfection – yielding highly artistic results, impossible to obtain by any other method. 

100% cotton 
Size XS/ S. See size chart for measurements.

Please note best to wash separately.